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As a long time real estate investor myself, I have learned a a great deal the "old fashioned" way -through hard work, experience and many lessons learned.  

I am not a realtor that decided to do a little investing my self...
Rather, I am an experienced investor who holds an MBA in Marketing, who has spent considerable time researching and analyzing markets and opportunities.
As an individual, there is only so much opportunity one can act on.
This is what drove me to become an agent -so I can share opportunity, as well as all my experiences.

I truly believe that a successful investor will intelligently continue to grow.
On the other hand, honestly, real estate isn't for everyone.  It requires a degree of patience, time and dedication.
In spite of a popular misconception, many have lost considerable money in real estate, and others have become frustrated with slow movement from their investments.

If you are considering real estate investment for the first time, I would be glad to walk through types of investments, resources needed, as well as my personal experiences (success stories and lessons learned) with you.

I can show you how to analyze properties, and help put together proformas to show cash flow and ROI (Return on Investment).

While I have do a great deal of commercial work for medium and large investors/companies, I still recognize the value of a small investment, and potentially, a portfolio of small investments.

I work with many small residential investors, assisting them in finding and assessing deals,remodeling advice, property management, and even complimentary staging when it's time to sell.


Sample Closed Commercial Transactions and Marketing Materials I Created

Hudson Street Apartments, Dallas

             Citivue Townhomes, Dallas





 Sample Marketing Materials

             Sample Marketing Materials


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