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Home Buyers and Sellers...

Looking for your dream home?

would be delighted to assist you in your search.  
I believe that my investment focus gives me a unique perspective that carries through to residential home searches in that I am constantly monitoring the entire Dallas Metroplex area, rather than specific "farm neighborhoods".  I believe this gives be a bigger perspective and understanding of area quality and movement.

Dreams come in all shapes and sizes.  I also believe that, "no dream is to big or too small".  
One man's shack may be another 1st time home owner's castle.  I truly enjoy seeing dreams come to true -big or small !

Additionally, in this time of mortgage crisis, I can help provide insight into the mortgage process, what might and might not be approved property wise, and even your personal situation if desired -credit, past foreclosure or bankruptcy issues, or simply how much home you can afford --and I don't mean the upper limit credit wise.  I mean what is realistic and sensible, and my logic for why.

Selling your home?

f you are considering listing your home, for whatever reason, I would appreciate to opportunity to provide you a professional presentation.  I always recommend that you evaluate multiple (at least 2 alternative) agents when listing a property.  (almost like getting a 2nd opinion from a doctor). 
This provides more data on pricing recommendations, and a basis for comparison between agents.   
For example, a less experienced agent may be able to provide more time attention to you, while a larger, "top seller", agent may have better statistics.   But possibly most of all, I believe it's about communication and dedication.  An well-rounded agent must be understanding of your desires and needs, as well as be able to aggressively market your property.

The bottom line is that selling a home is a partnership between seller and agent. Comfort with your choice is paramount !  

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